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We offer a wide range of programmes, workshops and consultancy offers geared at improving your sales and performance. All guaranteed to drive up the bottom line…

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In our 20 years of experience we have developed the ultimate methodologies and performance programmes to close the gap between identified sales gaps and enhanced business performance.

We achieve this with our ability to deliver measurable and sustainable results and are the first training and performance company that can not only prove but guarantee Return of Investment following a Gijima Training or Performance Intervention.

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Peak Performance Coaching

Sales Coaching and call evaluation sessions are one of the most under-utilised success strategies in every sale environment. It is an exciting and interactive facilitative process where specific sales competencies and capabilities are identified, corrected and new ideas are implemented in order to ensure that performance objectives are met.

The Gijima Peak Performance Coaching Process focuses on a set of specific sales competencies that have been refined for over 20 years. It is this very special set of competencies that once learned, aligned and applied ensures a sales culture shift, increased profitability and measured ROI.

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Predictive Performance Optimization

Building Whole Organisational Responsibility for training and performance impact.

With the committed support and investment of time and effort by the entire organisation to any training and performance initiative, we can guarantee hard hitting, jaw dropping results and sustainability in all areas of profitability, persistency, sales and leadership.

Using a multi tiered approach to the project, this involves:

1. Initial analysis, assessment and alignment of the training and performance   strategies.

2. Followed by the implementation of quality sales training and performance  training to the management and quality team first.

3. And secondly to the sales force, we ensure maximum skills transfer and behavioural change with our blended approach of facilitation, assessments, on the job learning and e-learning platforms.

4. We then offer full post training support and training stickiness programmes, we measure and analyse results and re-align, correct behaviour observe, implement and begin the measurement cycle again.

This process continues until all parties are satisfied and agreed ROI has been achieved. We work with your Sales Agents, Trainers, Sales Coaches, Managers, Team Leaders, QA Technicians and Verification Agents, Compliance and the Legal team to ensure operational penetration and maximum cultural change.

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Seminars and Workshops

We offer an exciting range of current, hot topic workshops and seminars to groups of 15 to 500 people across the country. Using internal and external expertise we ensure maximum knowledge transfer, behavioural change and retention. We guarantee fun, interactive and engaging ‘performances’ that will leave you educated and wanting more.

Quarterly, we also take our industry favourite Super Charged Closing on the road to Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town to ‘Super Charge’ the industry with the most current, hard hitting objection handling and closing ideas in the world.

Look out for the dates and information of the next road show, we will be visiting your city soon.

Every two months we hold a networking breakfast to raise awareness and promote right party networking within the industry. Any profits made from our fabulous breakfasts are donated to a number of charities in need of assistance.

For more information on our networking events, contact us ...

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