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Case Studies

We have worked with many companies, transforming their teams to generate measurable results. Here are a few of our many success stories…

Outbound Sales


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Inbound Banking

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In-House Short

Term Insurance

Outbound Sales Centre Non-Advice Sales Model

Outbound Dedicated Sales Call Centre:



120 Agents

6 Team Leaders

2 Sales Coaches



Up Skill Sales Ability across all staffing tiers, drive up performance. Focus on funeral plan and hospital cash plan campaigns.


• Work closely with the team leaders and sales coaches

• Re-align all scripts and sales strategies to the Non- Advice Sales Models

• Train the sales agents

• Use the Why Guess call evaluation platform for ensure implementation

• Assess, measure and re-evaluate results every month until all strategic performance goals are met


• Number of sales – up 176%

• Value of sales – up 366%

• Number of sales per agent – up 103%

• Value of sales per agent – up 203%

• Talk time per agent – up 73%

• Leads used per agent – down 17%

• Average closing ratio – up 114%

• Days of attendance per agent – up 30%

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Highest Peak

Daily sales more than doubled and increased from an average of 45 per day to well over 120 per day with the same amount of agents. The first marathon day after training saw the team post 261 sales. The all time best at 160 previously. The call centre went on to win 85% of the year end performance awards out of 6 other competing call centres.


Long Term Insurance - Outbound Sales.

Outbound Sales Team:



470 Agents

52 Sales Managers

6 Snr. Sales Managers

16 EXCO Members

47 QA Technicians


Increase sales across all campaigns and the quality of the calls under current legislation.


• Develop customised sales processes across all campaigns.

• Develop call guides and sales packs for 23 products and campaign variations.

• Develop call evaluation templates that target specific sales behaviours not present in the calls.

• NO agent training, we had to achieve the results with the management and quality tier.

• 5 Days Sales Training with the Sales Managers and QA technicians.

• Intensive Sales coaching training for the Sales Managers and QA technicians.

• Intensive SCFP training for the Sales Managers and QA technicians.

• Use of the Why Guess methodologies and processes.


Increases in business income from an average of R420 000 per day to an average of R680 000 per day. An average increase per month from R8 250 000 to R14 960 000 business income generated. Call quality improved by an average of 42% across the sales floor.

Highest Peak

More than 30% of the Sales Managers began generating more than R1 000 000 business income per month (with an average of 12 agents per team) consistently over the measured period of 6 months. The Call Centre went on to have its best Financial Year in the history of the business.



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Inbound Banking - Customer Service Centre Wakes up to Sales.

Inbound Customer Service Centre:



140 Agents

11 Team Leaders

2 Senior Sales Managers

14 QA Technicians



Teach customer services agents to up sell, cross sell and generate leads for other areas of the business. Upgrades, card swop, all value adds, cheque accounts, credit cards, credit life, VAF, overdraft sales.


• Develop customised sales processes.

• Develop objection and closing material for all campaigns and products.

• 3 days sales training with the agents.

• Sales coaching training for the team leaders and QA technicians.


An average of 2500 leads and sales generated per month before the training intervention across the site to an average of 37 000 leads and sales generated per month.

Highest Peak

•  49 000 leads and sales generated in 1 month with 123 agents.

•  Commission was earned for the first time by more than 80% of the customers services agents.

•  The highest sales made by an agent for a day went from the previous score of 19 to 69.

•  The customer services centre had a record breaking year and changed the way it would do business forever, whilst maintaining excellent customer service levels and meeting all customer service KPI’s. The Service Centre went on to have its best Financial Year in the history of the business.



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Cellular Outbound Sales Contact Centre.

Outbound Sales Team:



159 Agents

16 Sales Managers

1 Senior Sales Manager

12 QA Technicians




Increase sales and activation ratios across all the contract and pre-paid targeted.


• Develop customised cellular sales processes across all cellular campaigns

• Develop call guides and sales packs for the campaign variations

• Use the Gijima call evaluation templates across the site

• 5 Days Sales Training with the agents, Team Leaders and QA technicians

• Sales coaching training for the Team leaders and QA technicians


We measured average sales increases from 3 to an average of 8 sales per day per sales agent across all cellular outbound campaigns. Staff churn reduced from 32% to 8% in 3 months.  The call centre went from an average of 10 494 sales per month and business income of R25 185 600 to a sustainable 27 984 sales per month and R67 161 600 monthly business income. Activations ratios increased from 62% to 87%.

Highest Peak

The ability for the call centre to sustain the new levels of selling for the full 18 months of measurement. The call centre site grew to 240 seats and took on an additional 12 outsourced franchise models. Gijima was then contracted to train these outsourced models on behalf of the cellular company. We saw similar results across all 12 sites. The call centre experienced their best financial year in the year that we trained.



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Outbound Banking Direct Call Centre.

Outbound Sales Contact Centre:



1 Call Centre Manager

1 Senior Sales Manager

65 Sales Agents

11 Sales Managers

6 QA Managers


SAVE FNB DIRECT! The business had not been able to reach its sales targets for 2003/4 and after training interventions from 4 other training providers was out of training budget and ideas. The objective was to turn the sales of cheque accounts and credit cards into a successful and thriving campaign. Stabilise the staff turnover that was sitting at an all time high and build sales skills and morale.


• Develop call guides, sales packs and relevant QA supportive processes for the entire business.

• Provide sales training to the sales and QA staff and Sales Management Team.

• Develop customised sales processes.


• Number of sales on the sale of new cheque accounts – up by more than 400%

• Number of sales on the sale of new credit cards – up by more than 600%

• Number of sales per agent – up by more than 350%

• Talk time per agent – up 28%

• Staff Churn – down to 5% from an all time high of 48%

Highest Peak

• The visit of the EXCO committee to congratulate the call centre for their ability to turn the business around.

• Gijima was presented with the Best external trainer award for 2005/6 and 7.

• The sale of 690 new cheque accounts in 1 day, an industry and bank best ever.





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In House Short Term Insurance.

Outbound Sales Team:



67 Agents

6 Team Leaders

1 Call Centre Manager

8 QA Technicians



Increase sales and quotes to sales ratios - bottom line.


• Develop customised short term sales process for motor and householders insurance, BOLT on products and VAF.

• Develop call guides and sales packs.

• Develop call evaluation templates.

• 5 days sales training with the agents.

• Sales coaching training for the team leaders and QA technicians.

• SCFP training for the Team Leaders and QA technicians.

• Use of the Why Guess online evaluation platform.


Sales increased from a daily average of 1.7 per agent to a sustainable 4.2 sales per day. Quotes to sales ratios improved by 245%. The NTU and cancellation ratio reduced by 14% in the first 6 month period.

Highest Peak

Gijima ran a marathon day where the previous best number of sales for the day was 156. By 12h00 we were sitting on 210 sales, with mouths open we finished at 18h00 on 295 sales. The top agent for the day finished on 16 short term sales on unqualified leads, this was an industry best achievement for Short Term Insurance in South Africa. The Call Centre went on to have its best Financial Year in the history of the business.



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