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Gijima Training Institiute is the leading outbound sales training and performance consultancy company in South Africa. We are passionate and committed to our ability to create and develop your sales culture and increase performance. We achieve untouchable results whilst maintaining quality assurance standards and working within the frameworks of all current legislation. We offer current, exciting and innovative sales programmes and performance consulting services that ensure high impact, process driven sales and performance strategies designed specifically to drive up your bottom line.

We will guide you to effectively create and stabilise a quality driven, competent and sustainable sales business and team.

If you are serious about sales, persistency, profitability and performance optimisation you should be talking to our team.

So... Who are we?


Our Philosophy



What do we promise with our Juiced Up Philosophy?

It starts with a simple analogy...

If you take an orange and you squeeze it what do you get out? Orange Juice, right? (It doesn’t take and Einstein for that one)

And it doesn’t matter who’s doing the squeezing, you’re always going to get out exactly what’s inside....

Now we know that the sales industry has never been as competitive as it is today. We know that the retail, banking, financial services and cellular industries are bustling and that we are all massaging the same clients. We know EXCO loves ambitious sales strategies...

Marketing demands to see a return on all the efforts that have gone into advertising and marketing campaigns...

Finance is reading to count the profits rolling in...

The question then is... Who is ensuring that your sales force and their management team are competent at sales? Who is driving the operational strategy at ground level? Who is ensuring that the quality of ‘juice’ in your sales force is market related and relevant? Who is ensuring that your sales force is able to effectively execute and deliver on EXCO’s expectations?

Who is going to be squeezed when first quarter targets are not met?

And when your sales force is squeezed what level of sales skills, sales abilities and sales competencies will you find?

We can help!

Our Mission



To be the best and most trusted sales training and performance consulting business in the world.

We have worked very hard over the last 20 plus years to be the benchmark for sales training and enhanced performance solutions. Our aim and engagement strategy is to ensure that our clients are provided with exceptional and professional talent development and sustainable and measurable behavioural change and organisational success.  We are passionate and driven and take pride in exceeding not only our own, but our clients expectations all the time.

Trust, Commitment to Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Honesty and Humility are the foundations on which we have built our company. It is these values that underpin every relationship that we build with our clients and every person that interacts with Gijima.

The focus that we place on the quality of our relationships with our internal staff and our clients set us apart from other industry players. We treat each other well and value the needs and requirements of our clients above our own to ensure we deliver a successful and memorable interaction that will forge friendships and relationships for years to come.

Our Values



Our Engagement




Our Engagement Strategy is to create long lasting behavioural and operational change within organisations.  We achieve this by providing exciting, relevant and performance related training and consulting services to our clients and delegates.

•  We use a 4 tiered solution for the successful implementation of training. This enables us to ensure whole organisational responsibility for the success of all interventions so that the business sales culture will shift and stabilise indefinitely.

•  We guarantee proven ROI ensuring our clients receive maximum return on their investment.

•  We link all interventions to specific identified sales competencies ensuring that performance objectives are achieved.

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